Reconnecting with ourselves in order to give meaning to our own life

Many people get to a certain point where they ask themselves what their mission is and how to create value in their life, but few find an answer to this question.

Feeling lost or disoriented is a common phenomenon. Our society allows us to own almost anything, it is easy and just one click away, but filling one’s own existence and filling it with satisfaction and gratitude seems utopian or something reserved only for few.

As humans we have the great responsibility to give meaning to our life, and there’s only one way to do this: investigating ourselves. Human nature is pure potential, there is nothing we can’t achieve: if we are able to imagine and plan, we can direct our energies in the direction of our desires. We have a very powerful tool: infinite creativity!

In order to access intuition and creative power, it is necessary to slow down and allow the body to harmonise with the universe. For example, meditation and silence are practices that allow you to discover your true identity, to get in touch with the deepest parts of yourself and bring out the peculiar abilities that make you stand out. Only through the true knowledge of yourself and thanks to this deep reconnection you can understand what your dreams are and recognize your mission.

There is an infinite potential within you, everyone has a place in the world, everyone came here to express their talents.

The human being often gets lost in the search for himself. We associate identity with appearance, trying to match what we are with the expectation that others have, or matching stereotypes and trying to fit into mass social and cultural schemes. We wear a social mask that over time confuses and disorients us, resulting in a constant need for external approval and a life of insecurity and fear.

If you really want to give value to your existence, then the time has come to figure out how to do it and start practicing by putting in place small daily routines enabling you to get closer to your true essence.

Every intention and every desire contains within itself the mechanism to make it come true. As stated by one of the most widespread universal laws, the law of attraction, you attract through resonance what vibrates at your own frequency. To manifest the desired reality, you have two tools you can use: attention and intention. Matter generates from energy and thought is energy, so when you focus on something, you energetically feed the object with your concentration. The intention, instead, is the engine of desire through which the transformation of the energy that will lead to the manifestation of the desired reality is triggered. You must be careful though! In order to manifest it you have to vibrate in the energy of desire which are enthusiasm, joy, love and gratitude, supported by a high degree of acceptance and auto-regulation for what revolves around you. You can understand this concept just by observing nature: she works with elegance and extreme ease, without worries, in harmony and love. When there is wind, the flower bends, it does not resist the wind. Acceptance is the vibration of perfection of the present moment.

 “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Every action generates an energetic force returning to you with the same intensity, and when you choose to live in harmony with yourself and others you will resonate in the universe as a melody, not a dissonance. What you receive in the form of material reality is proportional to the frequency you emit.

The change starts with you, taking responsibility for everything you have manifested without blaming other people or involving them at all costs. Put in place daily routines that enable you to get closer to yourself and let your talents and your potential emerge.

Today there are active meditation practices based on neurological studies that, in a short time, allow to open that bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind and to access the energy of creation.

At Quantasia SA, we have created the Quantasia Ateliers to let people practice the Neuro Emotional Alignment System (SANE) in order to deeply reconnect with themselves and begin their transformation manifesting a meaningful life.

It’s up to you now. We leave you with a question to start exploring yourself: “What are the gifts and talents you have that you could put at the service of humanity?”

I want a heart, because the brain is not enough to make you happy, and happiness is the most beautiful thing in the world
Lyman Frank Baum

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