Training “Reduce stress by training neuroplasticity”

Contents and objectives

Until a few years ago, it was thought that the brain did not change after childhood and that from adulthood it was fixed and unchangeable. From the research of the last decade, scientists confirm that the brain changes and transforms throughout its life. Neuroscientists call this characteristic “neuroplasticity”. Neuroplasticity occurs every moment, every time you think, feel emotions or are in action. The notions and techniques of Neuro-Emotional Education, which will be presented during the course, are based on this principle and allow you to enhance your thoughts and emotions to direct them towards the objectives you want to achieve. A bit like sports preparation is for an athlete, Neuro Emotional Education allows you to increase your resistance to stress, to face challenges in a performing way, while maintaining focus and well-being throughout your life.

This experiential training is oriented towards personal development, it aims to provide the keys to find satisfaction and desire to engage with oneself. Strategies to pursue goals with greater enthusiasm and performance will be shared.

Focus of skills

  • Understand the functioning of the mind-body system with an approach based on neuroscience and biology
  • Recognize and transform negative moods and stress into feelings of well-being
  • Acquire self-regulation techniques to enhance one’s actions towards the realization of concrete objectives
  • Increase awareness of oneself and one’s innate resources


The course is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers and corporate executives, employees and freelancers. More generally, to all those who want to improve their communication and relationship skills and abilities. The course includes a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 18 participants.


Claudia Vece – Founder of Quantasia SA of Lugano, she is an expert in Cybernetic Science and Neuro-Emotional Education techniques. Corporate facilitator, Trainer and Coach specialized in education for change and the enhancement of complex systems, she collaborates with the ISG Business & Economic School University in Portugal.

Training postponed to date to be defined due to Coronavirus

Wednesday 29 April 2020
from 09.00 to 18.00
@ Assolombarda
via Pantano 9, Milan

Davide Inclimona Ph.: + 39 02 58370604

Participant associated with Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza and Brianza, Lodi: € 550 (+ TVA).
Participant not associated with Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza and Brianza, Lodi: € 670 (+ TVA).
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