Trasformazione Scolastica

Intelligenza sociale ed emotiva

School reform project of the Ensinus Group in collaboration with Quantasia SA

The Ensinus Group has 15 schools and 2 foundations, has institutions recognized as benchmarks not only in Portugal, but also internationally such as in Mozambique, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau (Africa). In its 50 years of activity it has trained more than 150.000 students in a multicultural environment and founded the first Portuguese Business School.

The Group is a pioneer in the Autonomy and Flexibility process (Portuguese school reform project) in vocational training and collaborates with experts in the education sector to improve teaching and learning.

The Ensinus Group’s school reform project involved our company Quantasia SA for the development of social and emotional intelligence in schools.

The project began in 2018 and in three years more than 250 professionals in the teaching sector as directors of schools, professors, coordinators and psychologists attended the training of Quantasia SA.

An innovative school reform project that intends to transform the school starting from key people “we cannot think of transforming the educational institution by simply inserting disciplines for the development of students’ social and emotional intelligence into the classrooms, without first operating a transformation of the key people who promote this change” as Claudia Vece CEO of Quantasia SA quotes “professors are the first to face a personal transformation to understand and integrate the meaning of social and emotional intelligence. The way in which a professor creates relationships of trust with his students and the way in which he intervenes to regulate the behaviors that influence the climate of the classroom, are fundamental factors in the academic success of students. Understanding how a human being works in his psychic and emotional depth is possible only when one knows oneself. This is why our project began by investing in the personal development of teachers, involving them in experiential and transformative paths of their way of being, of thinking, of feeling emotions and of relating to bring out a more human personality, listening, empathic and serene , freed from anxiety and stress”.

The partnership project was presented on 28 June 2019 at the Lisbon Forum, during the “Educating for the future” event, in front of an audience of over 300 people from international schools, politicians and leaders in the field of reform Portuguese school.

The results of the great work of the Ensinus Group are already evident and tangible, even if we are only halfway through the project: the decrease in the moods of stress and discomfort of the teachers are measurable, the climate in the classrooms and the company has improved and professors have aligned themselves with their mission. The impact of the Coronavirus has certainly not helped in the development of well-being and potential, but the schools involved in the project have been able to transform tension into opportunities. The great transformation of the Group is also tangible in numerical terms: in fact, 2020 was the school year with the highest enrolments since the Group’s birth.

The motto of Quantasia SA “Changing organizations, from the inside out” and states precisely this: to change organizations we must start from the inside, empower key people to increase collective potential and show greater results!

Everyone thinks about changing the world, but nobody thinks about changing himself.
Lev Tolstoj
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