Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck in your life?

Many people contact our company and tell us that they feel stalled in their life, that there are too many stressful situations to manage and that suffering is a condition of their existence.

Advancing in life with the feeling of being overwhelmed is not healthy, neither for the mind nor for the body, and even less for relationships that suffer the reactions of the inner discomforts of those who carry them.

Whether they are managers or housewives, it seems that the living conditions of human beings, at least in the West, have not so human anymore! But let’s try to deepen this dynamic together, not so much looking for the causes that are certainly evident and under our eyes, but rather we try to understand what happens inside us when we feel the sense of disorientation and we are unable to have clarity for our future.

The feeling of no longer understanding what you want and what direction to give to your life generates two types of reactions: on the one hand you would like to escape from situations (for example change job and leave everything behind), and on the other you advance in inertia by pushing in the direction from which you would like to escape.

This phenomenon occurs when the mind tries to maintain control and govern situations, through a calculation that rests on gain and loss and pushes us to cling tenaciously to what causes discomfort, most of the time precisely for fear of losing. It is scary for the mind to let go of something known and apparently safe. It means getting out of the comfort zone and exposing to the unknown, it’s like taking a step towards a precipice!

This is where emotions come in!

Emotions are underestimated by most people, while many express a desire to feel more secure, confident and determined, most people spontaneously feel emotions of insecurity, frustration, anxiety and fear.

How is it possible that the mind wants emotional well-being and that the body lives in emotional malaise? It is like being sitting on a horse, where the jockey wants to go forward and the horse goes backwards!

It is precisely the emotions that determine the quality of our life, the ability we have to transform discomfort into well-being, allows us to move forward safely and confidently in our evolutionary path. The mind, which we can represent with the jockey, can do very little if the horse, our body, has decided not to come with us! Sure, the jockey can push or beat the horse, but he won’t get great results. Indeed, at worst the horse will overthrow the jockey! How the body creates symptoms and behaviors that damage our ability to act and decide!

But then a question should arise spontaneously: how to transform the emotions of malaise into well-beingand live in harmony and in alignment between mind and body? Between our thoughts and our emotions? How to go about creating harmony between the jockey and the horse?

Today there are extraordinary coaching techniques that allow anyone who practices them to take the reins of their emotions and transform them in an instant and in a lasting way. These are the neuro-emotional skills! They are skills that develop through specific Neuro Emotional Coaching paths. Being real skills, once acquired, they become part of us, they become our second nature!

Neuro Emotional Coaching is innovative and distorts the idea of the classic coaching path where you try to improve yourself using only mental strategies, here we are talking about a bodily work that influences the mind and body by aligning these two intelligences to work together and in the same direction.

If you are one of those people who are fed up and can no longer cope with inertia, if you feel stalled in your life and are overwhelmed by events, if you live in constant emotions of malaise and you struggle to manage stress, we recommend that you read our book NEURO EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION written by Claudia Vece, CEO of Quantasia.

The book will help you clarify and give you some little strategies to start your transformation to well-being and happiness.

If, on the other hand, you want an effective, immediate and lasting change, you can make an appointment without obligation with us and we will explain to you what our transformation path of only 20 weeks with Neuro Emotional Coaching consists of.

Do not wait for tomorrow, life happens here and now, decide to act by changing within yourself!

Transform your life in just 20 weeks with Neuro Emotional Coaching!

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