Corporate Welfare:

employees’ motivation and business benefits!


When some elements are integrated into the corporate culture, such as the care of the workplace, open communication, autonomy and the basic human needs of trust and respect, it follows greater motivation within the team and better productivity.

Motivation is the force that stimulates individuals to commit themselves with passion and to go beyond themselves in completing a certain activity or project. Motivation is therefore one of the main elements that a company should consider and nurture when it wishes to face a change, be more competitive and achieve results. It is the personal involvement of employees and their passion for work that determines the strength of a group of people at the service of a Property. The better the working conditions that support the collective well-being, the better the performance of the employees will be. In fact, it has been shown that excessively stressed employees are physically, mentally and emotionally less lucid and performing and consequently less productive than employees who work in an organization that integrates welfare plans to support the well-being of their employees in the workplace.

Employee well-being equals well-being for the company

Thanks to the numerous studies that show that the performance of employees in the company is linked to their degree of well-being, corporate welfare has become fundamental in the growth plans of companies. Companies that have implemented accurate and diversified welfare plans have found a substantial change in employee performance, performance and productivity. Thanks to the diversification of incentives, employees are encouraged to give more, are motivated and are passionate about business challenges; personal involvement and motivation, therefore, guarantee the achievement of company objectives and the increase of their performance.

Improvement of pension conditions, health incentives, baby-sitting vouchers, leisure and sport benefits are just some of the possibilities offered by corporate welfare. Adopting a holistic approach and finding solutions that support the worker’s life as a whole is fundamental in welfare plans. At the heart of these plans is therefore the well-being of resources and the search for a greater balance between private life and working life, the so-called work-life balance.

To begin taking the first steps towards integrating corporate welfare plans, to promote a culture of well-being in the workplace, you can intervene on various aspects, but the first suggestion is to listen to your employees to understand what elements are important to them and what motivates them. To place the worker at the center of the organization, it is necessary to understand the real needs of people, in the company today there is a need to listen. Two-way, open and direct communication favors the creation of a relationship of trust with the company.

Today companies are confronted with a generation that declares itself to be more demanding than the previous ones, employees today are no longer satisfied only with economic incentives, they want to feel part of a project and a body that understands their needs. Only in this way can satisfaction and motivation grow, guaranteeing greater commitment and personal involvement. Benefits and welfare plans support those needs that aim at greater comfort, and which today seem to have become almost indispensable for maintaining well-being in a society that is running. The ability of a company to meet these needs, which lead to greater satisfaction in the lives of employees and a balance between their working life and private life, is the best way to ensure long-term loyalty and motivation.

We can conclude by saying that a corporate welfare plan is the set of goods and services that a company chooses to provide to its employees to support them in meeting their needs, improving both their well-being and their quality of life.

Behind every successful business there is someone who has made a courageous decision.
Peter Ferdinand Drucker

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