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Have a plan for your own growth

How many times have you heard of personal development or growth in recent years? Probably a lot, but have you ever investigated further to really understand what it is?

Whether you want it or not, the “school of life” trains you every day. It inevitably pushes you to acquire new skills, to develop new qualities and to increase awareness through experiences. Life is therefore a real gym where the muscles of the personality are trained: the mind, emotions and behaviours. These muscles, if trained correctly, allow you to evolve and realize yourself, to accelerate the manifestation of your goals, to create healthier and more solid relationships and above all to cultivate a peaceful and balanced soul.

Doing “personal development” concretely means integrating practices and disciplines that train these muscles into your daily routine in order to live at best and with preparation the life experiences that you will attract to you to evolve.

Independently of what you want to manifest in your life, you will need to know, integrate and apply the strategies and tools that allow you to succeed; in personal development this is equivalent to having a plan for your growth that will lead you to fulfil and live your aspirations. This translates into consciously inserting into your daily life those activities, actions, choices, good routines and habits, thoughts and behaviours that create greater opportunities, well-being and that bring you closer to your visions. In personal development, the real goal is not exactly the goal itself, but the quality of the journey you take while you develop yourself.

Thinking that you can remain the same person forever is an unreal idea as well as a disempowering belief. Improving yourself means deciding to change and increase your personal skills and attitudes towards yourself and others. In order to do all this without too many uncertainties and headaches, you need method, and you need to know that it is possible, but above all you must validate deeply within yourself that you are worthy to live a full and satisfying life.

The human being is a potential in progress and the development is “movement”, transformation, energy that moves, a person who changes, who knows himself, who discovers himself, who makes choices and new actions to create changes and to live a better life. Personal development, therefore, is not a simple acquisition of extra skills, but a change, an evolution of one’s essence.


Don't judge me for my successes but for all those times that I fell and managed to get up
Nelson Mandela

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