How life coaching works and what benefits it brings to your life

Claudia Vece – 27 January 2022

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to do more for themselves and for their future, anyone who wants to regain the motivation and the desire to live according to their values, anyone who wants to get involved in a new way and, above all, anyone who wants to accelerate in achieving their goals.

We all know coaching: the greatest athletes in the world have achieved the greatest performances thanks to the custom-made support of sports coaching which allows them to reach the peak of success.

CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders are successful with the support of corporate coaching.

But there is another type of coaching that is often unknown to people: life coaching.

What is a life coach?

The life coach is a professional who teaches you to use your resources and energy, maximizing your full potential to achieve the desired results.

The life coach helps you to identify your goals and aspirations, providing you with the strategies to manifest the best result. By joining a life coach, you will be empowered in your choices and actions and you will feel encouraged, supported and motivated in the journey to express the best version of yourself.

Life coaches are often trained in a specific coaching method; therefore, always do your research on the different methods as not all coaching programs are the same. For example, we at Quantasia SA in Lugano deal with neuro-emotional life coaching, either in Ticino or through online sessions.

What does a life coach do?

Meeting a life coach is a moment for yourself where you can find listening, exchanging and strategies to improve your mindset and your life-performance.

The life coach encourages you, supports you and provides you with strategies to implement in your life to resolve both professional and personal issues. The relationship between the client and the life coach is more like a creative partnership rather than a one-way street.

A life coach is not a therapist, the mission is not your recovery, but your empowerment, your success through concrete strategies and your personal fulfillment. Their job is therefore to help you make that mental and emotional leap that allows you to transform your reality into a masterpiece.

Starting from an analysis of your current situation, in which mental obstacles and limiting beliefs are identified, you will develop, in co-creation with the coach, a personalized action plan to achieve specific results in the spheres of life.

What are the advantages of life coaching?

The main advantage you will benefit from with a life coaching path is the increase of your mindset and your emotional independence in different situations, life circumstances and other people.

The most common benefits of life coaching are:

  • Definition of personal and professional goals
  • Definition of a clear and fulfilling vision
  • Identification of limiting beliefs
  • Clarity in personal and professional values
  • Creation of a professional and / or personal growth plan
  • Acquisition of work, financial, couple and family success strategies
  • Training in reasoning and effective communication
  • Improvement of interpersonal relationships
  • Development of a successful entrepreneurial mindset

Life coaching allows you to maximize your potential through the acquisition of internal and external strategies in order to achieve your personal and professional goals in full satisfaction.

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.

Bob Proctor

How does life coaching work?

Life coaching is generally a structured and specific process that accompanies you to create a real action plan with quite challenging but achievable goals that allow you to realize your visions. First, you will clearly define your short, medium and long-term visions with your life coach. Your life coach will evaluate your current position, identifying obstacles, weaknesses and your potentials. This will be helpful to track your progress over time.

While you are in the process of manifesting your goals, your life coach will help you stay centered and track your progress. If your plan needs to be changed at any point, your coach will also provide support to help you focus and stay motivated.

Who should consider working with a life coach?

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to do more for themselves and for their future, anyone who wants to regain the motivation and the desire to live according to their values, anyone who wants to get involved in a new way and, above all, anyone who wants to accelerate in achieving their goals.

Those who decide to invest in life coaching feel they deserve more and therefore are generally ambitious and have a desire to improve their performance and see greater growth.

Many types of people today rely on a life coach, including actors, business leaders, artists, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, executives, housewives and mothers, managers, professionals, small business owners and start-up pioneers. All these people identify a gap between where they are and where they want to be, and they turn to a life coach to achieve their goals in less time.

Benefits of life coaching on personality aspects

Life coaching has a positive impact on your mental and emotional life, as well as on your habits and behaviours. In fact, it helps you to take control of self-destructive habits such as drinking excessively or overeating, it helps you to harmonize your inner dialogue and to increase your mindset and your optimistic personality.

If your life coach also uses techniques to help you harmonize your emotions, such as the Coaching techniques of the Lugano Quantasia Method, you can also find benefits in managing emotions and stress.

Neuro-emotional life coaching, in Lugano (Ticino) or online, is a real inner gym of well-being that is consolidated thanks to cardiac coherence exercises, neuro-emotional meditations and other techniques that allow you to create mental and emotional well-being to always feel good, safe and confident.

Life coaching therefore allows you to better manage change and situations or periods of stress.

If you are motivated to better understand how a path of life coaching or neuro-emotional life coaching works, make the decision now to contact Quantasia SA in Lugano, Ticino and we will be happy to dedicate 45 free minutes to you in person or online, to take the stock of the situation and of your goals.

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