Motivational coaching to improve work performance

Knowing the motivational processes is fundamental both in the context of business management and human resources, and in the various spheres of life: from sports, to couple and family life, to improving health.

The knowledge of motivational processes by team managers and company owners is essential for a conscious management of resources and the company organizational system, to create a favorable working climate that supports individual and collective performance.

There are many factors that influence the motivation of a resource, some are linked to the psycho-emotional state of the resource itself, others are linked to company dynamics. Although motivation is influenced both by external stimuli and by internal needs and desires, it is possible to positively influence resources through motivational mechanisms induced by management based on enhancement.

What results are obtained with motivational coaching?

Motivational coaching is suitable for both managers and collaborators, depending on the needs expressed by the company and after a careful analysis of needs and objectives, individual or group paths are established and tailored to the candidates.

Motivational coaching allows you to work in a targeted way on two fronts:

– on the one hand, the candidate (or candidates) following the coaching path will increase his personal motivation in a targeted way which will directly influence his work performance.

– on the other hand, the candidate will be the promoter of the change of the people with whom he collaborates and interacts within the company, creating behaviors and actions that will support the motivation process of others.

Motivational coaching therefore indirectly affects the global corporate atmosphere, improving the understanding between employees, energy within the team and collective performance.

Motivational coaching is a transformation process that has a positive impact on the entire corporate organizational context.

The motivational coaching of Quantasia SA

Quantasia SA is positioned as a leading company in the field of motivational coaching.

Quantsia SA makes use of techniques based on principles of neuroscience and biology, which allow you to work in depth on the motivational drives, needs and desires of the participant (or participants) in the coaching path.

Motivation is based on two levels of mind:

Mental motivation (conscious mind): aims at improving logical reasoning processes to develop an optimistic and proactive mindset.

Emotional motivation (subconscious mind): a sort of emotional fitness that increases enthusiasm and energy to rise grit and personal desire.

The combination of a work that works on both the conscious (mental) and the subconscious (emotional) mind allows to achieve tangible results in just 20 weeks for any person who has the will to get involved.

There are many testimonies released by the participants and by the companies that have joined the Quantasia coaching courses. Below you will find the testimony of Chiara Bovo, Executive Director of JP Morgan in London:

I came to know Claudia by chance about a year and a half ago and I was immediately intrigued by her method of coaching.

Unlike other coaching figures, Claudia accompanied me on an internal path of neuro-emotional realignment, with tangible benefits in terms of results in work and relationships.

After almost 10 years of experience in the competitive world of finance I had totally internalized stress, pressure and frustration with tangible physical repercussions such as stomach pain, inexplicably swollen belly, tiredness and general malaise.

I have met many Coach; while these pushed me to look for the solution in a different profession, with Claudia we focused (first in theory and then in practice) in awakening all those positive emotions related to success, realization and ultimately, satisfaction in my current job, to completely reverse my way of thinking and reacting to the daily external environment.

The result?
Same person, same job, same relationships, but renewed energy, strong motivation, and above all … economic and professional goals achieved, to the satisfaction of the entire structure I work with!

You can read other testimonials on our website

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