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The emotional language of the body

Discover your emotional language: read Roger Fiammetti’s book review for a start on your journey of self-exploration and well-being.

Claudia Vece – 22 February 2024

This month, we suggest a reading that goes beyond words on paper, a journey into the depths of your essence. “The Emotional Language of the Body” by Roger Fiammetti is a recommended exploration that helps us grasp the signals our body sends us.

The author introduces us to this extraordinary volume, revealing the profound connection between emotions and physical well-being. By inviting us to explore the pages of this text, Fiammetti offers us more than a simple read; he offers us an invitation to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

The book guides us through Fiammetti’s vision, which sees the body as our biggest sensor of an intricate tool for revealing emotions, and not as a mere biological machine. This intimate connection between body and mind is at the heart of this journey, teaching us how to interpret the signals our bodies communicate to us daily.

Inside the book, the 26 illustrated cards help us understand how every emotion we experience is associated with the vertebrae, allowing us to explore the meaning of physical tensions and offering us a valuable key to our well-being.

“The Emotional Language of the Body” presents itself as more than just a book, it is a personal guide that accompanies us on the path of self-exploration to a deep understanding of our being. In the conclusion, the author invites us to embark on the journey of self-exploration, to pay attention to our body’s signals and to use the tools provided to restore balance.

Our body communicates, and this book teaches us to listen to it with attention and openness.

Our judgement is unequivocal: this book is an added value, a valuable support in the search for meaning in our living. It is a mirror that reflects the beauty and complexity of our essence, giving us tangible keys to decipher our emotional language.


Roger Fiammetti, born on 27 April 1962 in Liège, Belgium, is an eclectic figure with a deep commitment to health and well-being. After graduating in kinesiotherapy from the E.P.S.K.E (Higher Provincial School of Kinesiotherapy and Ergotherapy) in Liège, where he received various awards, he began a path of study and practice that has shaped his career.

His academic career saw him obtain a D.O. in osteopathy from the B.E.L.S.O. (Belgian School of Osteopathy) in Namur and Charleroi. With more than fifteen years of practice in the field of osteopathy, Roger Fiammetti has honed his ability to precisely identify areas of the body and their emotional connections. During this time, he has developed a unique technique that focuses on the identification and elimination of tissue nodes associated with emotional shocks, called somato-emotional osteopathy.

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