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D3Signs 3.0 Sagl


3D Signs 3.0 Sagl

Fashion Designer Company
May 2019

Quantasia Sa Lugano

Communication Strategies and Team Management

Training contents

A course designed to stimulate the awareness of the relational dynamics of the participants, built to provide them with the elements necessary to improve as an individual and as a group.

Analysis of personal values, of role values and integration of corporate values; orientation of the participants in the organizational context and alignment with the corporate vision.

Two days full of activities that stimulated the team’s individual and collective growth.

Target audience
The whole team  


It was a stimulating, curious and interactive course, despite the fact that we dealed with delicate topics.

Claudia is a enthusiastic person and she is able to delicately stimulate your weak points to strengthen them.

I truly hope to repeat this experience in the future.

Vittorio GiacomelliCEO & Business Manager

The vision that Claudia has about all kind of relationships and their structure, brings into the group disruptive mechanisms on an emotional and cognitive level.

It has been a positive and constructive experience, with beneficial effects on the whole team.

Nicoletta SalvadéExecutive Assistant

Claudia is a professional trainer full of enthusiasm and positive energy, she gave me emotions and I become more aware. Everyone in his own life can improve, dream, be successful, live peacefully and change by loving himself and others.

Rui MorgadinhoProduction Manager

I appreciated very much this course, it is like a semi precious stone that I will polish to let the hidden shiningness show.

Mila VellaniProduct Development Manager

This course has been organized by my Company and it turned out a fantastic team building experience! The course opened our minds and stimulates the change of behavioral dynamics in our everyday life.

We have so much to work on our way of communicating with others and this course gives you the chance to practice it.