People Plus Sagl

People Plus Sagl


People Plus Sagl

SAP Business One consulting company
May 2019

Quantasia Sa Lugano

Team Building per crescere insieme

Contenuti della formazione

Due giorni di formazione per fornire al team di People Plus strumenti concreti per sviluppare ed accrescere le Soft Skills, le capacità di stampo cognitivo relazionale e comunicativo, che differiscono dalle competenze e capacità tecniche legate a specifiche mansioni o ruoli.

Analisi e comprensione dei valori di ruolo e integrazione dei valori aziendali.

Un corso di formazione esperienziale completo e ricco di attività che hanno stimolato la crescita individuale e collettiva del team.

Pubblico target
Tutto il team  

Alberto CespaCEO

We have done two days of intense and stimulating company training, full of contents and tools to put into our personal experience.

Claudia is a very prepared Coach, bright and able to bring out the most intimate emotions of participants with sensitivity, discretion and in the full respect of the person and of the group, she has never been intrusive.

Ercole ConteEngineer

Interesting course, I would recommend it to anyone.

This training deeply tought me how we function and how to live in harmony in the relationships with others.

Emanuele CrociEngineer

This training has been a wake up call, it helped me to open me up to a new way of relating to people and allowed me to understand how my actions and words can influence others.

Alessio MarzoratiEngineer

Training well organized, with professionalism, seriousness and the right level of good spirit, making two days a single great moment of personal and professional enrichment.

Recommended to all those interested in learning to work in teams and get to know each other.

Eleonora Barrui

Claudia was extremely competent and the training exceeded my expectations.

When there is passion in what people do, we immediately notice it, and this is precisely the case of Claudia and of her assistant Roberta.

Thank you!