Interview to Claudia Vece

Interview to Claudia Vece

My job means research and passion

Born in Ticino, Claudia Vece, has returned to her homeland after spending many years abroad in Paris. And ritght here, her dream of having their own company in the field of coaching, finally came true.
In her aspiring career as CEO of one of the world’s largest model agencies, Women Management, she has built up her own management expertise. And continuously educated herself. Among other things, in Neuro Emotional Coaching, which today is the core of her company, Quantasia SA.

However, it is no coincidence that this method is at the heart of her work. One day in Paris, Vece had an extraordinary life experience that shaped her future professional life. She became aware of how influential our mind can be.
Fascinated by this experience, Vece strives to become an expert in HCS – “Human Cybernetics Science”. This discipline focuses on the study of human logical thinking and communication as a means of strengthening the mind. “This course made it possible for me to deal effectively with people, to promote their strengths. I was fascinated by the study of the power of the mind and I went deeper into the area Emotional Alignment System, or PNEI “, says Vece.

“I love my job, it fulfills me deeply. Through research and passion, I can help entrepreneurs, managers and people in all kinds of life situations to get the best out of themselves. There is a certain transformation taking place that decisively improves performance,” says Vece enthusiastic. So her basic principle is to support people in changing their private or professional lives from within. All Quantasia SA services are aimed at developing and strengthening a person, both in coaching and in corporate training. And that also works online. “Neuro Emotional Coaching” is a path of profound transformation that is based on the principles of neuroscience, biology and quantum physical. And it is suitable for all areas of life – for example for financial, health, professional or private development.

“I want to show people their potential and encourage them to discover their resources,” explains Vece. The coaching is divided into three phases: emotional well-being, empowerment and performance. “The results are exceptional. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing how someone is successful on their own. My personal changes in my private and professional life are a proof to me. And without these approaches and strategies, I would have never created this new professional identity and stability, “Vece states firmly.

During her coaching sessions, Vece noticed an extreme typically difference typical between countries. “The international experience has made it clear to me that a coach is perceived differently from country to country. In Portugal, France and Italy, the coach is perceived as an intermediary, and people openly share their interest in personal development. In Switzerland, coaching is often associated with personal discomfort, something that you want to hide, and this observation is really very interesting because it spreads misinformation about the potential of coaching, especially about Neuro Emotional Coaching, “notes Vece . Basically, coaching can be a constant training for the development of your own potential, a life enrichment. Something positive, no taboo.

A recent project that Vece is currently carrying out in Portugal shows that she is still active internationally. Here their form of coaching is currently being integrated into the Portuguese school reform. She has been working with 15 Portuguese educational institutions for two years, from kindergarten to university. With more than 300 teachers and school leaders. The goal is to bring the techniques and strategies of personal development into the classroom in the coming years. This project is exceptional in that, since childhood, access to effective tools allows it to adapt to the environment by acting and not just reacting.