Luglio 2020

Quantasia Sa Lugano

Group Coaching – Online Training

Il Progetto
Quantasia SA affianca il Gruppo Ensinus dal 2018 nel progetto di riforma scolastica portoghese.

Contenuti del Coaching Group
I direttori delle scuole del Gruppo Ensinus hanno partecipato al corso online sulla gestione dello stress con l’applicazione teorica e pratica dell’Educazione Neuro Emozionale.

I direttori hanno compreso il funzionamento del sistema nervoso in relazione alla mente e alle emozioni. Hanno scoperto come i loro pensieri e le loro emozioni influenzano la loro neurologia, la loro neurobiochimica e la loro espressione genetica. Partendo dalla teoria hanno praticato gli esercizi di Educazione Neuro Emozionale (metodo SANE) e si sono immersi nel loro mondo interiore, auto-regolando il loro stato interno verso il benessere emozionale.

Scopo del Coaching Group
Imparare le tecniche di auto-coaching per auto-regolare il proprio stato interno e allenare mente-cervello-corpo a lavorare in armonia.

Pubblico target
Direttori di Scuola

Miguel VarelaUniversity Director ISG

Very interesting topics has been exposed in this course. The trainer has very good communication skills and was able to create dynamics in the contents. I would recommend this course to all kind of leaders in any company, larger or smaller.

Catarina EsmenioSchool Institute Director - Escola de Comercio de Lisboa

Claudia and her teachings are the gift that keeps on giving, not only because it “wows” you right from the start with what you learn, but because it keeps on “wowing” you with what you accomplish through self-awareness, social-awareness and a responsible decision-making, leading you to improve different dimensions of your life in each step you take, as you discover that you are the one creating your reality! This journey you take with Claudia and Quantasia is a beautiful path you cannot but embrace right from the start, towards a healthier, more relaxed, more balanced, joyful and empowering life! Thank you dear Claudia!!

I definitely suggest this course to anyone who would like to be a better person, improve one’s relationships and communication and take the best out of life! Anyone who would truly like to be well and in balance with oneself, others and the world around. And, of course, any leader, who would like to be a true leader and who would want to get there faster!

Sandra CunhaSchool Institute Director - Real Colegio

I think this type of trainings are essential, not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. I recommend this course to all School Directors and teachers. This training is a balanced, well-thought, and clear focused event. Anybody can and will benefit from this training to improve their lifestyle.

Marco JorgeSchool Institute Director

Quantasia trainings are being very important for my professional life, as well as my personal life. This training brought me a bit of very usefull tools to change my perception of everyday life situations, my level of satisfaction and wellbeing.

I recommend this course to all managers.

This training allowed me to reset my mind and gave me the tools to manage emotions.

Thank you Claudia Vece.

Alexandra CaetanoPublic Relations Director

Claudia Vece is a great professional with soul, her happiness is contagious!

This training helped me to reset my mind and gave me practical tools to manage my emotions.

Managing emotions and stress is the biggest challenge for human being, it is important to understand the way our mind and body works to be well.

I suggest this training to all executives.

Joao Pedro BrancoDirector

Nothing with Quantasia remembers you that there should always be a place and time to turn off from work and recharge battery. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to improve dealing with.

Ana MestreDirector - Escola de Comercio du Porto

Claudia Vece’s course for Ensinus allowed me to feel a positive transformation.

I learned techniques and guidance to better manage emotions and feelings for a better life and my well-being.

Ines RodriguesDirector - EPET

Thanks to this course I have gained some strategies that have helped me to focus on things and establish priorities.
Managing stress crises, gave me the opportunity to realize how deeply the Covid 19 affected our lives, but at the same time reassured me that there is hope to overcome this difficult period as a leader.

Marta SantosAdvisor to the Board

This training was very important, the topics are very important for me and for our team. The world reality has changed and this course has helped us to see things from another prospective.

I recommend this course to teams that have to deal every day with crisis in this pandemic Times.

RITA REISCommunication Director

Personally, it was very important to realize that I grew and consolidated my mind in terms of focus and emotional stability from the first training in July until now, October 2020.

Claudia managed to highlight my best side, in a more conscious way and above all I learned to value these factors as determinants for my personal and professional life! Thanks to the training I acquired a whole set of practical strategies, which made me get closer to my family and the different teams in the company.

Productivity has increased and positive energy is passed on to everyone else. I’m more complete as a person.

I believe this course can be adapted to any company and its teams.