The art of managing human resources

Are you a manager or an entrepreneur? Then it’s very simple, your employees are those who can make your vision a reality and your job is to make sure they do it efficiently.

Being a good, capable and effective manager, consists of much more than leading your team to generate more results. Forcing employees to work in a certain way can generate resentment and can lead them to be unfair, while being too soft and friendly can generate distractions and bad habits.

There is no “right” management method, because every employee and every company are unique, however there are universally “wrong” ways to lead a work group.

It is part of your job to inspire, lead and motivate your team to put energy in motion and achieve results. How to become an authoritative and charismatic manager then? What are the golden rules for success?

Know how to communicate effectively

If communication is not part of your skills, it is essential that you invest in learning how to communicate effectively. The way you communicate with your team can dictate the success of your business.

A company function well, when there is clarity in giving instructions, in summarizing meetings and when distributing company updates. Clarity, accuracy and completeness are the best way to avoid communication problems and keep the team aligned. Moreover, today employees want to find meaning in their work and want to bring value. As a result, they want to be informed, they want to know the goals and deadlines in order to perform their work. Knowing how to communicate clearly, listening to their feedback and mediating conflict situations is essential if you want to speed up processes and increase performance.

Establish team goals

If you want your team members to work together, invite them to work together for something. Setting goals only for the department or an individual generates a limited mindset and strengthens individualism. It is important to give a unified goal and purpose to inspire the whole group to move forward towards a common vision

Publicly recognize the work done

When your team or team member does something exceptional, make the most of it! Maybe in a meeting or in a moment where everyone is involved. Valorization creates motivation and generates further commitment. In case you want to give prizes, the only advice is to always be consistent so as not to create jealousy and resentment among the members.

Be a good example

Your behavior must be consistent and correct, leading by example is the key to success because employees will be attracted and involved by your attitude. If you have difficulty managing your emotions, invest in an augmentation process to allow you to effectively manage all situations and challenges.

 Be consistent

Before becoming an effective manager, you must be a coherent manager. What you think is what you say, what you say is what you do. Incoherence is perceptible and annoying, it creates distrust and keeps others on their toes. A good manager creates a relationship of trust with his team and when he says something, he does it.

Encourage ideas and opinions

The more your team can express their ideas and is encouraged to do so, the more you will create exchange and involvement. Even if the company vision is yours, you cannot know everything and you cannot always have everything under control. The opinions of others allow you to enrich the vision, to provide resources to solve problems and to improve as managers through the exchange.

The art of self-regulation

Your team is made up of individuals with different skills, needs, different strengths and weaknesses, different ideas and values. Do not use the same behavior or the same approach with everyone, self-regulate in front of the person with whom you are interacting; this will allow you to motivate and encourage the person through his values ​​and to create a relationship of trust with each of them.

Humor is a value

Remember that if the boss gets nervous in the morning at the office, it will negatively affect his entire work team. As a leader you have a great responsibility: the well-being of your employees. In fact, you do not have the right to bring your frustrations or dissatisfaction in the office, you have to learn how to transform your illness into wellness and if you are not yet able you have to invest in yourself. Rely on a one-to-one coaching path and learn to be a more centered person who knows how to create motivation.

Be decisive in your choices

A good manager must be able to assert his authority and must be able to make important decisions for his team. There is no room for doubt in leadership.

Know how to delegate to the right people

It is essential to establish a relationship with your team, to know the members individually in order to evaluate their strengths and to be able to delegate with awareness. People have different skills and if you delegate to someone who is not able to handle that task, you risk creating damage, as well as being angry at the person; but the fault is not his… It is your responsibility to delegate appropriately to allow you to generate results.

Conflict management

Conflicts in the workplace should not be ignored. A good manager, thanks to his communication skills, tends to mediate and to find a meeting point between people in conflict. Looking the other way is likely to increase hostility among employees and it generates a negative atmosphere, which would impact on productivity and other team members. When a problem occurs, it is essential to face it immediately.

A great vision, without great people, is irrelevant
Jim Collins

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