Neuro-communication: the communication that support relationships

Communication is the means by which we express and share our thoughts with other human beings, to expand and exchange our knowledge and to create relationships that allow us to reach our goals, as nobody can succeed in life without the help of others.

Communication begins by warmly welcoming our interlocutors in our mind, it begins by giving good intentions and seeking understanding. But this is not always so simple! With some people it’s easier to communicate and feel reassured when we interact with them, while with others we struggle to pass our point of view and feel at ease in the relationship.

Communication is a complex art that is not simply limited to the sending of messages, but needs awareness of the relational process. When it comes to effective communication, every cognitive process involved in the act of communicating is taken into consideration, including listening, perception, inner dialogue, verbal communication and non-verbal communication, that together arise behaviors. But most of all, if we want to understand communication, we must understand it from a neurological point of view, this discipline is the neuro-communication.

Neuro-communication because cognitive processes activate our nervous system and therefore biology, emotions and body chemistry. The fundamental assumption is that the mind is a neurobiological-relational organ and that the way we perceive and communicate activates our brain, that changes through the relationships we experience in our lifetime. If we want to be performing we must communicate effectively and to do this we must know how we function, understand what is happening inside us and in our interlocutor, only in this way we could develop a conscious communication that takes care of the relationship.

Making us understood is our responsibility, so the answers we get from our interlocutors are the result of the communication that we have put in place. But the answers we get are the result of how our information has created physiological reactions in the person in front of us.

An interaction is considered “successful” when all the people involved feel comfortable in the relational process.

Knowing how to communicate effectively is not just in the way sentences are built, but being aware of what is happening inside our partner and taking care of the relationship.

Quantasia SA in Lugano is specialized in the neuro-communication processes, spread through their services of corporate coaching and individual coaching.

The meaning of any communication does not lie in what we think it means, it is in the reaction it causes
Richard Bandler

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