Relational empowerment coaching

Nowadays, relational empowerment is indispensable for anyone who wants to grow in the world of work, as well as have solid social and family relationships, and to live harmoniously with other human beings.

We live in a world in which mobile phones and computers have replaced direct interaction between people. Not all our senses are stimulated as we interact with others by means of electronic devices, and it is therefore essential to increase our relational intelligence and listening skills in order to avoid distorted meaning and unnecessary conflicts. Developing effective communication and appropriate logical reasoning allows us to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

The way we interact with our surroundings determines our quality of life, our emotional well-being and how successful we are in achieving our goals. In order to succeed in life, grow and evolve we need to compare ourselves with other human beings; no person can realize their dreams without the support of other people.

However, the first entity we interact with is within us, not outside of us. Our inner dialogue gives life to our emotions and behaviors, which extend to those with whom we converse.

If we fail to understand the nature of interpersonal communication, we inevitably create conflicts with the people around us, which results in us self-sabotaging and destroying the relational framework instead of intelligently constructing it.

Relational empowerment encourages a model of the world that is based on peace, dialogue and sharing. Investing in one’s personal growth allows us to gain confidence, as well as become leaders of both ourselves and others.

Quantasia SA in Lugano, creates coaching course for relational empowerment, based on neuro-communication, biology and on principles of neuroscience.

The new physics provides a modern version of the ancient spirituality. In a universe made of energy, everything is connected: everything is one
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