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Who can I contact if I am looking for a business coach in Ticino?

Claudia Vece – 14 April 2022

If you are looking for a business coach in Lugano or Ticino, you have probably already surfed the web and found several companies that offer this service. How to choose the right coach for you among the many business coaching proposals in Ticino?

You probably have some doubts and perhaps now you do not know who to turn to. So, let us try to clarify.

First, if you believe it is necessary to learn more about what a business coach is and how business coaching works, you can read our article How business coaching works and what benefits it brings to your life.

Maybe you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a manager, your position in the company does not matter and it does not matter at what stage you are in your career or how old you are, if you are thinking that the time has come to acquire new strategies, if you believe you deserve greater job satisfaction and if you want to accelerate your professional projects, then you will need to plan the next steps carefully if you really want to build your success.


To choose the right business coach for you, you should ask yourself questions to understand what skills your business coach should have.

Here are some useful questions that allow you to understand what you should look for:

  • What are my real needs?
  • What are my real goals?
  • Do I want to change job?
  • Do I want to improve myself in sales?
  • Do I need to learn how to manage resources?
  • Do I need management techniques? Do I need to better organize my work and the delegation of tasks?
  • Do I want to learn how to live my working days better and to feel more satisfied with the job I already have?
  • Do I want to learn how to relate better to the boss, colleagues or clients?
  • Do I need to learn to communicate effectively and to mediate? Or to manage conflicts?
  • I am stressed, do I need tools to manage stress and to menage reactions and emotions?
  • I’m tired, do I need to change my lifestyle? Do I need to quit smoking or to eat properly?

Answering these questions and those that will now arise within you, helps you understand which business coach profile you are looking for. Here are some examples:

  • If you want to change job, you probably need a business coach with career coaching skills, so you will need a coach who can help you in career orientation and in the analysis of your skills.
  • If you believe you need to improve yourself in sales, you probably need a business coach who deals with techniques and strategies in this field. Often, they are people who have been great salesmen in large companies and who trained to become coaches.
  • Do you believe that you must change your lifestyle, improve the quality of your habits, eat healthy food, sleep better … Then you could look for a business coach with life coaching skills or you could orient yourself towards those coaches with holistic skills that embrace all spheres of life and the potential of the person.
  • Do you believe that you should improve yourself in business management or team management. Then your coach may have been a manager before transforming the career and becoming a business coach.

The important thing is to always study the professional profile of your future coach if you want to be followed successfully through your transformation. A good coach must surely have professional experiences, the coach should have studied different disciplines of personal development and could even have written a book, this certainly denotes competence.


If you are looking for a business coaching path in Lugano that is truly complete and holistic, which allows you to acquire concrete strategies that help you make a qualitative leap in your personal and professional life, then you want to meet Claudia Vece, business coach and founder of Quantasia SA, expert in Neuro Emotional Education®, Neuro Quantum® and cyber science®.

In 2017, after many years of experience at the top of international companies in Paris and a course of study still in progress to satisfy her passion for researching techniques and strategies in the field of mental, emotional and behavioural development and enhancement, Claudia founded Quantasia SA.

Quantasia SA business coaching is now recognized throughout the Ticino area thanks to its peculiarity of combining mental coaching and neuro training techniques with business, helping professionals like you to develop the neurology of success.

Quantasia’s business coaching paths are tailored to meet your needs and to stimulate positive changes in your life in general. The business coaching program is an evolutionary path of awareness and improvement, whether you are an executive, a manager or an entrepreneur.

Claudia Vece’s role as a business coach is to help you maximize your results by keeping your well-being and personal fulfilment at the centre of the process. Quantasia coaching is holistic and takes all aspects of your life into consideration (health, relationships, finances, career) to guarantee you a future of abundance in your career, finance and personal and relational spheres.

We build with you a future full of satisfaction and well-being, we teach you to sow new thoughts, emotions, gestures and actions in your present so that you can collect wealth at every moment of your life.

Quantasia business coaching sessions, both in Lugano and online, are a source of stimulus, comparison and continuous growth for your thinking and reasoning. Claudia Vece helps you develop a corporate and entrepreneurial mindset and an optimistic personality to bring out your true leadership so that you can, over time, bring ecological, constructive, and lasting changes in your company.

The purpose of Quantasia’s business coaching program is your ability to self-mastery, that is, your ability to be a master of yourself, your emotions, your thoughts, your mind, your behaviours, your habits and your choices. Self-mastery allows you to realize your goals and to bring harmony into your personal and professional life. By letting go of disempowering behaviours, unhealthy habits and emotional reactions, you can free yourself from contradictions and thanks to business coaching you will bring out your true potential.

The Quantasia business coaching program in Lugano (also online) allows you to become an emotionally independent person, learning effective mental coaching and neuro training tools for stress management in order to harmonize emotions and to regain the determination and the motivation of the champion.

With the 20-week business coaching program, you will bring positive and beneficial changes to your whole personal and professional life.

Take now the decision to contact the Quantasia SA coaching centre in Lugano, Ticino, and make an appointment with Claudia Vece in Lugano or online. Understand now your real needs and evaluate if the answers you are looking for can be satisfied by business coaching.

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