How business coaching works and what benefits it brings to your life

Claudia Vece – 1 March 2022

Nowadays coaching is known by everyone and at all latitudes, just think of the athletes who, to become number one, are supported in their career by the best sports coaches.

In recent decades, mindset and performance coaches have also appeared in the corporate sphere to support CEOs, executives, managers and entrepreneurs. This is how the new profession of the business coach was born.

What is a business coach?

The business coach is an expert who teaches you to use your resources to improve your performance, to lead change with authority, to stimulate innovation and the search for alternative solutions and to find a greater balance between personal and professional life.

Business coaching offers you personalized support focused on two main aspects: on the one hand your personal growth in the workplace, relationships and communication and on the other your ability to maximize your potential in work performance. This is why the business coach is called the mindset and performance coach.

What does a business coach do?

Being supported by a business coach is an important choice for you because it means that you are ready for a concrete change that will lead you to show greater results in your personal and professional life.

The business coach listens to you, motivates you and shares strategies that you can implement to improve your mindset, your decision-making ability and your performance.

The business coach helps you to find the best within yourself. The business coach gives you the keys to develop an influential personality, positive communication and leadership capable of developing and enhancing the business system.

The business coach also helps you to fit into a new role, to develop emotional intelligence, manage projects effectively and challenging changes improving your professional identity.

What are the advantages of business coaching?

The main advantage you will benefit from with a business coaching course is the improvement of your mindset that will, consequently, favour the improvement of your performance.

The business coach can evoke a profound inner transformation, bringing out your untapped potential and improving your approach to different business or personal situations.

The most common benefits of business coaching are:

  • Definition of professional goals.
  • Definition of the vision of the organizational context.
  • Identification and transformation of limiting beliefs regarding oneself and one’s role, colleagues, and the company.
  • Clarity in personal, professional and corporate values.
  • Creation of a growth plan in one’s role or one’s work team and / or company.
  • Acquisition of business and financial success strategies.
  • Training in reasoning and effective communication.
  • Improvement of people management and conflict management.
  • Development of a successful entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Change management strategies.
  • Development of emotional intelligence.
  • Development of influential leadership.

Business coaching therefore allows you to fill skills, to disseminate strategies, to improve performance, to maximize results and to increase leadership. Business coaching satisfies many of the current business needs and to respond to the specificities of organizations it is often called as follows:

  • Executive coaching
  • Corporate coaching
  • Team coaching / group coaching
  • Entrepreneurial coaching

How does business coaching work?

Business coaching is a co-creation process between you and your coach. Based on your personal and professional needs and goals, your business coach accompanies you to create a real action plan for the manifestation of your results.

Each session is focused on the improvement of your skills, on the transmission of new knowledge, on the structure of a winning mindset and on the transmission of strategies and techniques that allow you to overcome obstacles and manifest your goals.

Your coach will always be present and will also support you in the company if necessary. In fact, depending on your needs and objectives, sessions will be organized both in your business coach’s office and at your company or workplace.

If you are looking for a business coach and you do not know who to contact, contact me here and I will be happy to arrange a non-binding meeting with you to evaluate your situation and to allow you to make conscious choices for your career.

Business coaching sessions are carried out in Lugano in the offices of Quantasia SA or online. If you have doubts about the effectiveness of online coaching, you can learn more about the topic here.

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