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Summer ideas? Discover the surfing’s benefits on psychophysical well-being!


Claudia Vece – 1 July 2022

Due to the blocking of sports activities in gyms and dedicated centres during the period of the Covid19 pandemic, more and more people have started to practice outdoor activities and have thus reconnected to the pleasure of being in contact with nature and its elements. Mountain biking, walking, hiking in the mountains or paddling on the lake are just some of the activities practiced in our regions, but one sport of all, in recent years, has returned to be fashionable all over the world: SURFING!

One might think that surfing is a sport practiced only in some countries due to the constraint of the waves of the sea, but nowadays there are more and more sports centres that have swimming pools with artificial waves which are perfect for learning or practicing.

The number of surfers has increased significantly over the years also because its benefits on the psycho-physical state of those who practice it are well known to all.

Companies have also started sponsoring surfing activities for their employees, both to encourage team buildingand to promote corporate welfare plans. Water is an element that calms and brings the physiological rhythms of the body back into contact with the harmonious rhythm of life; this precious element associated with both movementand balance, set the mind and body in motion in the search for harmony and coordinated good functioning, recreating well-being and energy. When a harmonic dance is born between existing in the mind and living in the body, stress decreases and emotional well-being increases.

The benefits of a surfing day in the waves can be found both mentally and physically, for example it helps the person who practices it to get back in touch with the present moment, in contact with his physical abilities and therefore to enter a dimension of acceptance of oneself and one’s potential. Surfing pushes you to cultivate patience and perseverance, to listen to your emotional part, to your body, your limits and your strengths.

It trains focus and centring and when a person manages to ride the wave standing on the surfboard, he experiences a feeling of success and security that everything is possible with commitment and will. All these positive aspects also converge in a great value which is that of caring for the planet; in fact, surfing does not pollute and does not damage the environment, indeed, there are those who believe that the energy of enthusiasm poured out by surfers into the sea balances the vibration of the water on the land.

Practiced either alone or in a group of friends or colleagues, the feelings of enthusiasm and joy arising from this sport are so enriching that they nourish the mind, body and spirit. This is why surfing is easily combined with yoga, precisely because these two disciplines are complementary to each other.

If all this is still not enough to convince the most sceptical, in France the doctors of a pilot project of the National Olympic Committee prescribe surfing lessons instead of medicines to combat obesity, chronic stress, depression, diabetes and back pain.

It seems like a real panacea, seeing is believing!

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