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Self-care as a ritual to get in touch with your body

Alessia Fontana – 8 September 2022

The hectic pace of life, the various daily commitments, the changes in the world of work and in our habits create difficulties for our bodies to adapt with a consequent increase in malaise. Fortunately, when stress exceeds certain limits, our bodies send us clear signals to tell us that we need to slow down to start breathing again.

Understanding, knowing and knowing how to listen to what the body communicates is important: it is thanks to listening to what happens in us that we can intervene on various types of disorders, which if ignored, in the long term, could undermine our health.

How to create new routines to help the body recover

To live well, the first step is to incorporate gestures, behaviors and rituals that support your well-being into your daily routine.

You can start by enjoying small moments every day, dedicated only to yourself and your body. This allows you to listen to your inner world and your vital needs.

To create routines that last you will first have to define and choose what you intend to intervene on, for example you can decide to focus on your diet to regulate your Ph (acid-base) or to focus on your biorhythm by adjusting the hours of sleep or to take care of your hydration, consciously monitoring your daily fluid intake. So, the first rule is to choose where to start.

The second step is to establish an action plan and define what are the gestures and behaviors that create value and to abandon those that are sabotaging and are counterproductive. Then you will have to stick to this plan for at least a month, because according to science, to create a new habit we need to implement new behaviors for at least 21 consecutive days.

My advice? Begin to change one or two habits at a time, not more, since the risk is to be unable to stick to your plan and to obtain the opposite effect: quitting!

I’ll tell you my secret: the well-being ritual for body care

Everyone has their own needs and requirements and there is no model of well-being suitable and equal to everyone, but we all need to find our way to live in harmony and balance with our body.

In my path of awareness, I began to take care of myself through the care of my skin, as my body was giving me important signals for some time: dehydrated skin, blemishes, and important signs of impurities.

The first step for me was to include more water, more fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet and this little trick was enough to significantly change my situation. It was not easy but I always had the bottle of water at hand wherever I went, I added some fruit and I opted at least for three types of vegetables per meal, raw or cooked.

Once the first results were obtained within the first few weeks, I also decided to integrate a “facial skin care” ritual with natural products. I have been researching for many months what could be the right line and I discovered that there are extremely natural products that help us keep the pH of our skin in balance, giving vitality and shine.

My morning face ritual is the following:

  1. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I immediately spend1 minute to cleansing my face. With this gesture I remove the impurities, such as dead cells and sebum.
  2. Then I put a tonic that allows the pores to open and to regulate the normal pH of the skin.
  3. Once my pores are clear and disinfected, my skin is ready to receive the right nourishment of serum and cream.
My new routine only takes me 5 minutes, makes me feel good, it has greatly improved the shine and purity of my skin and it makes me feel more beautiful. I have realized that a few minutes a day every day is the key to look fresh, bright and healthy.

The important thing is to decide now!

Inserting new routines is not difficult, it just requires a little initial commitment to define the action plan and then the implementation of all those daily actions that allow you to achieve a satisfactory result. The important thing is to decide now and to not procrastinate, since procastination is the sworn enemy of evolution.

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