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Book review “Daimon – Find your Spirit Guide and heal yourself with myths”

Find out how knowledge of myths and traditions can help you find the inner strength to face and overcome difficulties.

Claudia Vece – 30 March 2023

“Daimon” by Selene Calloni Williams is a compelling book that explores the concept of “daimon”, a mythological figure present in many cultures that represents a kind of inner and creative guide.

The book is divided into two parts, the first dedicated to explaining the concept of daimon and its history in the various traditions, the second is dedicated to a series of practical exercises and meditations to get in touch with your daimon and use it as a source of inspiration and creativity.

Selene Calloni Williams

Calloni Williams’ writing is evocative and engaging, and her knowledge of myths and spiritual lore makes the book a treasured source of wisdom and inspiration. Furthermore, the proposed exercises are practical and useful for anyone looking for inner guidance and greater creativity in their lives.

Thanks to Calloni Williams’ engaging writing and her deep knowledge of myths, the book offers an exciting and transformative guide to discovering your own source of inspiration and inner wisdom.

Selene Calloni Williams is an Italian writer, teacher and researcher born in Milan in 1950. She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Milan and subsequently obtained a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology at the Esalen Institute in California.

In the 70s she lived in India for a long time, where she studied Indian philosophy, yoga, and meditation. Later she deepened her knowledge of other spiritual traditions, including Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism and Kabbalah.

Selene Calloni Williams is the author of numerous books on spirituality, personal growth, and esotericism, many of which have been translated into various languages. Among her best-known books we can mention “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” (1994), written in collaboration with Deepak Chopra.

Selene Calloni Williams is a leading figure in the panorama of Italian and international contemporary spirituality, and her work has inspired thousands of people around the world in search of a more conscious and meaningful life.

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