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Claudia Vece – 13 April 2023

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”

Jim Rohn

We just need to observe nature to understand that it is governed by rhythmic phenomena. For example, we can observe the cycle of the sun or the moon in 24 hours or in the month, the blossoming of flowers in the seasons, the cyclic nature of hibernation for animals or the prey-predator balance. There are rhythms in nature with different functions and frequency, each of them is functional to the system and maintains the balance and perpetuity of life.

As with nature, the human body is also subject to biological rhythms that regulate the processes of life. Some of them can be observed, such as the heartbeat or breathing; while others are more hidden, such as the rhythms of brain activity, hormone secretion and the activity of genes at the level of individual cells. The science that studies these periodic phenomena in biological systems is called “chronobiology”.

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Health begins with good habits!

The frenetic rhythms of modern life and the extended work hours solicit our bodies by subjecting them to a great physical and mental performance effort. Performance and speed of action are the qualities necessary to survive the to-do lists that dictate the timing of multiple activities and things to carry out.

With our busy to-do lists we tend to take care of everything and everyone, except ourselves, forgetting that health rests in all those good habits and practices that define our lifestyle. The body, which should be the temple we live in, instead, becomes the wastebasket of the world: junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, nervousness, and negative thoughts are the pollutants and the main factors of aging and disease.

We should follow a healthy diet for the body, and, above all, we should follow the natural light-dark alternation to maintain the health and balance of the organism. On the contrary, the body is completely overwhelmed by the irregularity of bad habits, which become the norm.

In fact, our behaviours and our choices alter the natural biological functions and the circadian rhythm of the body, creating disorders, symptoms and even diseases.

The circadian rhythm is a complex regulation system of the body, responsible for cycles such as muscle tone, heart rate, sleep-wake rhythm, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.

A circadian cycle covers about 24 hours of the day and is divided into sub-cycles of about three hours in which specific activities and functions take place. For example, between 6h and 9h in the morning the release of melatonin decreases, and cortisol levels increase, which allows wakefulness. Between 9h and 12h we have the maximum peak of cortisol and physiological and cognitive functions; therefore, it favours mental and physical activity. Between 12h and 3h in the afternoon there is the digestive phase, and the parasympathetic system orders the body to slow down; and so on for all the other three-hour slots.

All living beings regulate their biological rhythm in harmony with the external environment, adapting to the various phases of the day and regulating hormonal functions, sleep, and metabolism. If our lifestyle and bad habits collide with these laws of nature, our psychological, emotional, and physical well-being will suffer.

Where to start to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Taking care of your lifestyle begins with understanding the basics of your biological functioning and respecting it in its phases and functions. It is essential to take responsibility for the change, to do this we are obliged to dedicate TIME, ENERGY and ATTENTION to:

It is true that some might think that doing all of this is too demanding and that it is useless. Most of the physical or mental health problems depend on our bad habits, we are the ones who create our future, so we’d better do something more, every day.

It is said that it takes 45 days to rewrite a habit, which means that with will and motivation it is very feasible to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle in a short time!

To take over the reins of your life, you need to go through a learning phase and you should put yourself out there, but once you take the first steps and make the first changes, you immediately start to feel better and it becomes easier and easier to integrate new habits.

If taking care of yourself becomes difficult and complicated, then you need to turn to professionals and you need to be accompanied. Having a Coach shortens the time and makes the results sought more concrete.

Our coaching paths have a holistic approach and focus on all those aspects that determine the well-being and fulfilment of an individual, as a person and in their relationships.

During the coaching process (carried out either in Lugano, Ticino, or online) habits and routines are also observed, work is done on improving the lifestyle to create a more balanced, energetic, and satisfying transformation towards well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about the topic, write from the contact box below and we will be happy to contact you!

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