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The courage to be happy

Find out how you can love yourself more to expand your positive energy to others

Roberta Dell'Acqua – 20 November 2023

Roberta Dell’Acqua presents a collection of reflections from her personal experience and from that of a psychologist and psychotherapist in daily contact with suffering and existential issues. The work deals with issues related to the meaning of life and the inner and trans-generational dynamics that prevent us from being happy.

«It is our task to learn to love life: love frees us from the chains of the past, offers wings to fly, reasons to get up after a fall and, above all, it gives meaning to life. We must live in love because this is the way to cultivate and increase the courage to be happy» Roberta dell’Acqua


                                                                                                   Roberta dell’Acqua

“Il coraggio di essere felice. Un percorso di rinascita interiore ′′ by Roberta Dell’ Acqua is an essay on psychological (and consequently also physical) well-being in which we invite you to love yourself first to consequently be able to expand the positive energy to others as well. The author, who is a psychologist and psychotherapist, helps herself with experiences drawn from her private life, with anecdotes taken from different religious traditions and with stories heard from her patients to explain even more in depth the important concepts that she exposes in her text. Among the various topics, treatment of harmful behaviours for our psyche certainly stands out. These behaviours are implemented both consciously and unconsciously and they limit our personal development.

Roberta Dell’Acqua therefore urges us to reflect on the thoughts and actions we carry out in our daily lives, and which determine our destiny, inviting us to select what is really good for us and what can make us evolve both intellectually and spiritually.

Dott.ssa Roberta Dell'Acqua

The focus of the work lies in the need to learn to love each other: something which is easy to say but hard to do, and which the author herself has pursued with perseverance, sacrifice, and awareness. This book is the outcome of her journey of inner rebirth and the search for the meaning of life, in which she courageously conquered her right to be happy and to be happy in the present moment, without letting herself be influenced by the traumas of the past; to do this, the author had to become aware of her own wounds and suffering; she had to accept them in their inevitability, she had to let them go to welcome the new self.

«Any experience of change implies effort and a dose of pain. It’s annoying, it hurts, but it’s necessary, and it’s one of the most important lessons in life, because without suffering, true joy wouldn’t exist, like sadness is necessary to light the way to happiness. Pain is the fuel to continue the journey towards inner growth. It shouldn’t be eradicated, but understood, it shouldn’t be hidden but elaborated».


The pursuit of happiness is an existential theme that has affected humanity since ancient times. Since physical discomfort is often linked to a pain of the soul, it becomes important to reflect from a humanistic-existential point of view on the theme of pain, suffering and individual responsibility in realizing one’s “daemon”, one’s destiny. Each of us faces the difficulty of being happy, of loving each other and breaking the chains that anchor us to traumatic past experiences. In life, everything happens for our highest good, everything makes sense, even pain and suffering, if considered as a means to achieve individual rebirth and profound well-being.

The key that can open the door to happiness is love, an energy so powerful that it can relieve all pain, heal the wounds of the soul, and erase the trans-generational family legacies that condition our existence. We are the owners of that key, and it is our individual, as well as social, responsibility to find the strength and courage to gratify, to love and to be happy.

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