Balancing the Soul: exploring Bach Flowers with Ermanno Paolelli

The author of the book “Manual of Clinical Flower Therapy” takes us on a journey to discover how the power of Bach Flowers can help aid in the path of personal transformation and growth.

Claudia Vece – 2 May 2024

Reading Ermanno Paolelli’s book on flower therapy is an enlightening and transformative experience. With a profound understanding of the subject and an engaging style, Paolelli guides us through the fascinating and therapeutic world of floral essences.

A manual that offers a clear and accessible perspective on flower therapy, explaining in detail the fundamental principles of this ancient practice. Paolelli generously shares his extensive experience in the field, providing not only an overview of the various floral essences but also practical advice on how to integrate flower therapy into our daily lives to promote emotional and physical well-being.

Passion and connection between mind and body

What truly sets this book apart is the author’s palpable passion for the subject and his authority. Indeed, he enthusiastically and accurately conveys the concept of the connection between mind and body and how floral essences play a fundamental role in promoting inner balance and healing.

Ermanno Paolelli’s book on flower therapy is a valuable companion for those who wish to deepen their understanding of Bach Flowers and their use, fully harnessing the potential of floral remedies. This book is definitely recommended for anyone seeking a practical manual to embark on a personal journey toward emotional and spiritual well-being.

Claudia Vece with Ermanno Paolelli, Lugano


Dr. Ermanno Paolelli has been working as a freelance professional for over 30 years and practices as a psychiatrist-psychotherapist and homeopathic doctor in Bologna.

He has a background in psychosynthesis, a master’s degree in Ericksonian hypnosis, a second-level diploma in EMDR, a diploma in NLP with Richard Bandler, and various diplomas from the most accredited international schools of homeopathy, flower therapy, and homotoxicology. He is also the founder of the Institute of Neuro Quantum.

Among the professional experiences that have enriched his career the most there are: study stays in Germany and England, years spent as medical director of Villa dei Tigli in Mantova, and years of teaching at public and private institutions in Italy and abroad.

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