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Interview with Gracinha Viterbo about her Coaching Journey with Quantasia

Read the testimony of an influencer who improved the quality of her life through her journey with Claudia Vece.

Claudia Vece – 30 May 2024

“The only person who can change the course of their life is ourselves, we can reinvent ourselves!”

Gracinha Viterbo

Gracinha Viterbo, CEO of Viterbo Interior Design

“We are in your Viterbo Interior Design studio. Is it true that it is possible to excel at everything in life?”

Gracinha Viterbo – Time and experience help a lot. When people today, for example, tell me that I accomplish a certain task very quickly, even in just a few minutes, they are comparing themselves to experiences they haven’t had, which leaves them frustrated, especially women. The first rule is not to compare ourselves and not to feel frustrated when we see others succeed.

“Is there an underlying process of acceptance?”

Gracinha Viterbo – Yes, for many years, I felt guilty working and taking care of myself. This guilt is still present, especially among women in our society. Yet, I believe it’s important for our children to see their mothers working and being enterprising. We shouldn’t apologize for having spectacular careers.

“Was there a turning point in your life?”

Gracinha Viterbo In 2016, I started working with a life coach, Claudia Vece. While I was telling a friend that I had a fantastic family, a job I loved, but I wasn’t happy, I had resigned myself, maybe that’s just life. She told me no, that life could be so much more than that and she recommended I contact Claudia Vece. I was in a phase of chronic fatigue, I felt exhausted, the kids were still young, and I was losing the will to do more, to create more opportunities in my life.

“What did you learn from your life coach?”

Gracinha ViterboClaudia Vece taught me that the brain is a muscle and that to see results, we have to work it in the areas of life we want to develop. It’s amazing the change I’ve seen happen in my life since then. I worked on this mindset theme which is something very important to me, ever since I lived in Singapore. Mindset is the way we think. It’s an expression coined by Carol Dweck, author of the book Mindset. This work explains what mindset is and the mind’s training for transformation which is linked to thoughts like: “This is hard” because in this case, the mind presumes it won’t succeed. Essentially, constructive and empowering thinking is a developmental process, while fixed thinking creates barriers that prevent us from achieving our goals.

Text by: Marta Mesquita

Photo by: João Lemos

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