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How to keep New Year’s resolutions

Claudia Vece – 20 December 2021

Let us face it, who has not thought about good resolutions for the new year during the month of December? It is something that we all do, we look back and we begin to list the changes we want to implement in our lives, such as going on a diet, starting to go to the gym, reducing alcohol consumption or cigarettes, getting along with parents, starting a continuing education course or learning a new language.

These are the great ideals with which most of us start the new year, but which are often abandoned a few weeks after New Year’s Eve. On the one hand we really want a change, on the other hand we take care of everything and everyone, paying less attention to our desires.

How to self-motivate us to achieve our goals

Let us try to do a little analysis on what has happened in the last twelve months and let us try to understand how to motivate ourselves to achieve our goals. Take a piece of paper and a pen and try to write down the good intentions you had last year. Maybe you have a list already from the previous year. Now that you have clarified what your last year’s goals were, look at the ones you have achieved and the ones that have remained pending and try to assess whether these are still current. If so, you can ask yourself why you have not manifested them. Is it because you are less interested in them? Maybe they are not a priority anymore? You don’t have time or it takes too much effort?

When you start a process of self-reflection and self-exploration, such as that on the New Year’s resolutions, it is always advisable to take time to reflect on the topic over a few days, taking the time to give due weight to carefully evaluate what your real goals and priorities are in the present moment. Take time to highlight which goals are actually real and current for you. Be careful not to choose too many goals, otherwise it may happen that you bite off more than you can chew and that you no longer want to take action.

After a few days from the first reflections, you will now be ready to precisely define your desires, the challenges you intend to face, your goals and the changes you intend to manifest.

How to manifest your goals

  1. Now write on a piece of paper, the size of a large post-it, the five main good intentions that you intend to initiate or manifest during this year and for each of these you will write your reason, which answers the question “why is it essential for me to achieve this objective?”. For example, it could be “because I deserve it” or “because it would allow me to live better my relationship” or “because it would make me free and happy”. Remember that if you do not have an interest, therefore an important “why” that pushes you to surpass yourself to make your dreams come true, your brain will hardly take action with the behaviors that allow you to show concrete results.
  2. Now define for each one if it is a goal that you can manifest in the short term (0-6 months), in the medium term (1-2 years) or in the long term (> 2 years). It is important that you assign a realistic assessment otherwise you could fall into the impatience which is the self-sabotaging emotion par excellence, capable of blowing up all plans.
  3. Now read aloud each goal with its “why” and let these intentions resonate within you. Feel what emotions and feelings they would make you feel if you already manifested what you want. This is an important step, as your intention is anchored in the unconscious thanks to the emotions you feel.
  4. Now fold this note and put it in your wallet so you can always carry it with you. You will not necessarily have to look at it or give it too much attention. It will sometimes come into your hands as if to tell you “it’s time to take a look”, or you can reread it to align yourself again with your desires in a moment of confusion.

Why all this? Maybe you do not know it, but the brain works a little bit like a computer; what you have just done is a sort of data-entry into the system, a “to-do-list of intentions” to which we have associated perceptions. In fact, we have brought what happens in the dimension of your mind into the material dimension through writing, the expression of words and emotions, therefore your intention has been grounded. Your brain has been able to see it, to live it, to feel it and perceive it and now it will be the one to implement behaviors and actions to bring you even closer to achieving your goals. Just have a look at the card every now and then, repeat the process and let the energy of creation manifest within you.

These seem trivial exercises but the truth is that our brain creates action through behaviors thanks to very specific parameters:

  • a clear vision of what we want to manifest.
  • the association of emotions, as if we have already obtained what we want.
  • clarity in why we want to manifest something. This is the purpose, it is the interest that will make the    body act in the manifestation of a result.
  • letting go, or letting our brain organize the strategies to get what we want.

Remember that in order to manifest your goals you will finally have to take action and therefore you will have to implement a plan to be able to accomplish what you want to achieve. Nothing comes to us if we do not put energy in motion, so now it is your turn!

Good luck and best wishes for an extraordinary manifestation!

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