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Choose Bach flowers to enhance your qualities

Did you know that you can use Bach flowers for personal development?


Claudia Vece – 26 October 2022

The qualities of Bach flowers

The relationship between plants and flowers and human life has been known since ancient times, from Egypt, India and Asia their healing properties have always been used to improve emotional, mental and physical well-being. The flower is the manifestation of the maximum expression of a plant, within itself it contains the essence of the potential of nature.

All we need to do is keep our personality, live our real life. We must be the captain of the ship. And everything will be fine.

                                                                                                                Edward Bach

Each of the 38 flowers discovered by physicist and microbiologist Dr. Edgardi Bach (1886 – 1936) in the 1920s embodies a quality capable of stimulating an improvement in inner well-being thanks to a quantum resonance effect. For example, the flower “Mustard” (Sinapis Arvensis) contains within itself the quality of “Light”, particularly recommended for those who tend to feel melancholy without knowing the reason for their discomfort, for those who suffer from universal pain and suffer moods of sadness; Mustard allows you to “disperse the dark clouds of sadness and rediscover the light” (Dr. Ermanno Paolelli – Manual of Clinical Flower Therapy “).

There is a Bach flower for anxiety, one for fear, one for anger and so on, each Bach flower can re-harmonize an inner disharmonic state bringing it back to a state of harmony and well-being.

Claudia Vece, founder of QUANTASIA SA with Dr. Ermanno Paolelli, psychiatrist, homeopath, and leading European exponent of clinical flower therapy.

The difference between using flowers in therapy and in personal development

Bach flowers are an excellent therapeutic remedy, the mixture that is prepared by a therapist

it is usually a mixture of two or more flowers, up to a maximum of seven flowers. These blends have

a gentle action and work in the depths of the unconscious. The mixture is taken for 3-6

weeks to allow the flowers to act until the discomfort is resolved.

In coaching we do not work on psychological or emotional discomfort, but we can use the quality of a flower, chosen by the coachee, to stimulate an action towards a goal by combining it with meditation. It is important to combine meditation with a single flower to encourage a response that results in concrete action.

For example, you could do a meditation on self-esteem and use the flower “Larch” (Lay Decidua) to support the coachee in “taking action” more concretely, since “Larch” is suitable for those who have the feeling of not being able to implement an action plan and for those who need a self-esteem booster to create their own success.

To stimulate the effect of the floral remedy in coaching, the taking of the flower is therefore combined with techniques based on neuro-associative conditioning, associating the information of the flower with visualizations, meditations, and empowering positive affirmations. The coachee then declares the personal intentions and is fully aware of the effect that needs to be achieved while the flower will work in a more unconscious dimension to help stimulate the sought qualities.

Bach flowers are therefore able to evoke the qualities of the soul already present in the coachee, but which in some cases are inactive, therefore they have the power to awaken potential that will translate into behaviours more aligned to what one wishes to manifest.

The Bach flower self-coaching box

The psychiatrist, homeopath, and psychotherapist Dr. Ermanno Paolelli, founded the Institute of PNQ® – Neuro Quantum Programming®, among the different techniques of the method he also uses Bach flowers for personal development. Thanks to the use of the box set “The Qualities of the Soul of Neuro Quantum Programming®” created by him, any Coach can guide the coachee on the development of their potential. It is a box that contains coloured cards associated with empowering positive phrases in which the qualities of the flowers are indicated. It is therefore possible to practice guided visualizations to activate these qualities.

We at Quantasia are experts in Neuro Quantum Programming® and Neuro Emotional Coaching, if you are interested in learning more about the method, you can request a free meeting.

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