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How to bring harmony and well-being into your life with Neuro Emotional Education

Train your brain for three minutes a day and make a positive change in your life!


Claudia Vece – 18 November 2022

I know, saying that “thanks to three minutes a day of neuro-emotional fitness you can positively change your life” seems more like an advertising slogan than a concrete explanation of the benefits and effects of Neuro Emotional Education.

It is also true that in the last two decades, thanks to technology, the sciences have made great strides in understanding the human and the universe, promoting research and innovation also in therapeutic practices and in the disciplines of personal development. Scientific theories are interpreted and translated into effective, decisive, and reproducible methodologies by authorities such as doctors, psychologists, therapists, paediatricians and other support figures such as trainers, coaches, facilitators, counsellors.

Neuro Emotional Education finds its place among these disciplines, which has its roots in scientific knowledge and is inspired by the great methodological works of doctors Joe Dispenza, Mani Hesam, Arash Zarrimpour (S.A.N.E.®), Ermanno Paolelli (Neuroquantistica®), John Grinder and Richard Bandler (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other leaders in the disciplines of personal growth and development.

Neuro Emotional Education

Neuro Emotional Education is a practical method of personal growth and improvement based on mental coaching (mental training) and neuro emotional training (training of the neuro-emotional response).

Those who practice Neuro Emotional Education make a qualitative leap in different areas of life, because when people work to strengthen their brain, they develop the most important muscle in the human body!

In the case of Neuro-Emotional Education, the muscle being trained is the neurological circuit of emotional well-being, as Dr. Mani Hesam founder of the neuro-emotional alignment system explains.

Educating yourself on the neuro-emotional level means developing an optimistic personality, it means creating a positive and energetic self that gets up in the morning in well-being, with joy and enthusiasm. There is no frustration when you are well, there is no fear when there is love, there is no anxiety if there is peace, there is no sadness, there is no helplessness, there is no anger and there is no dissatisfaction when the heart is tuned to the frequency of gratitude.

Thanks to daily neuro-emotional fitness, these negative emotions disappear over time, they atrophy like muscles that are no longer used. The neuro-emotional current that circulates in a human body, when trained on the neuro-emotional level, is one of well-being and happiness.

To learn how to practice this discipline on yourself and to develop the Muscle of Emotional Wellness, it is inevitable to start your own inner journey of transformation, through a path of Neuro Emotional Coaching. Coaching allows to elicit and implement one’s own transformation in the early stages of learning the method and creating a new personality.

What results can be achieved with Neuro Emotional Coaching?

What we intend to achieve with a Neuro Emotional Coaching path is the development of a specific competence and ability: neurological flexibility. With Neuro Emotional Education, the brain is trained to transform emotions in favour of intention and action. It is an extraordinary skill to be able to perform well-being and be able to enjoy the journey of life.

To educate the brain to transform the emotions of malaise into emotions of well-being in a short time and to create that stable and balanced internal condition of emotional well-being, it takes training and methodology.

Thanks to the training of thoughts and emotions, the internal neuro-emotional circuit is basically rewritten by a neurological circuit that favours emotional well-being: anger is replaced by determination, the circuit of insecurity by security, that of fear with that of love, that of sadness and helplessness with joy and trust, etc.

Through the training of mental, emotional, and behavioural processes we can stimulate the brain to produce the best responses, in reference to goals and life contexts. By practicing Neuro Emotional Education exercises for three to four minutes a day, it is possible to reprogram the nervous system for success. From a neuro-emotional point of view, “success” is understood above all as the individual’s ability to spontaneously live in a state of emotional well-being, for at least a large part of his lifetime.

Embarking on a path of Neuro Emotional Coaching means taking a ticket for a journey of transformation and personal empowerment. The purpose of Neuro Emotional Coaching is to release emotional and mental brakes, to get rid of limiting beliefs and contradictions, to strategically implement a performance plan and to act with new behaviours and actions.

Ateliers Quantasia – Neuro Emotional workshops

The benefits of Neuro Emotional Education

The first major goal that a person reaches with the practice of Neuro Emotional Education is therefore emotional well-being, an innate condition in the child, but which in the adult is oppressed and often replaced by the disturbed broadcasting of emotional malaise. Neuro Emotional Education is therefore a regaining of one’s energetic vitality and the positivity of the soul. This first phase of transformation requires about six months of work on oneself.

Once balance and emotional stability have been achieved, one begins to train performance, that is to train the nervous system to succeed in its goals.

Neuro Emotional Coaching is gymnastics of performance!
This is the stage where entrepreneurs, managers, athletes, politicians, and successful people earn the most in their process! The challenges become a real cosmic game of the equation:


Attraction, action and manifestation of results

Neuro Emotional Education has now become a real lifestyle for emotional and mental hygiene.

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