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Life Coaching is a path of evolution!

Train your mind and increase your self-confidence!

Claudia Vece – 7 March 2023

What is the Life Coach?

The Coach is a person who allows you to express your potential through a program, a workout, and a coaching.

We all have huge possibilities that very often we are unable to express, or that very often we do not see because they are hidden by a series of beliefs, such as “believing ourselves not up to or able”, or because they are limited by a series of wrong choices or evaluations. The Coach allows you to clarify these situations.

Once people unlock these limiting mechanisms, once they start making their brain work differently, they take over their life and, consequently, things start happening. In a positive way! As the people immerse themselves in the Life Coaching journey, changes, awareness, and positive situations occur that increase security and self-confidence. This happens because people begin to think “I can do it”, “I am capable too”, “What I’ve always thought of myself is not true” and individuals begin to feel new feelings that lead to new behaviours.

The Coach, therefore, helps you build the right mental attitude to be able to face life’s challenges, and helps you understand what is the scale of values ​​that guides you in the different areas of your life (affections, work, family, career, health), to transform your limiting beliefs and to enhance your mental, emotional, and behavioural resources. Like footballers who always need the coach and someone who works with them on their mindset to always give 100%, we too need someone who in some moments of our life helps us to make progress in our lives.

What happens in a Life Coaching journey?

Usually, a person looks for a Life Coach to solve the knots, to improve and accelerate towards their goals, but if you’ve never experienced a Life Coaching journey, you can’t even imagine what can happen during a Life Coaching journey, because when you immerse yourself in this, a continuous and fantastic progression begins! I use the word “journey” because Life Coaching is really a journey that moves you from a point of consciousness A to a point B and then to a point C. In quantum physics this phenomenon is called the “quantum leap” or “consciousness leap”.

The leap of consciousness is enclosed in an instant: “I didn’t know before”, “Now I know”. When you access a new awareness, in a moment of time, in an instant, it is as if a veil slips away from your eyes and a lens that distorted reality is moved, in an instant you discover that you are a different person from the one you thought, and suddenly you feel a new emotion, more stable and anchored, more sincere, you find the will to do and you authorize yourself to change your life.

Life Coaching, therefore, helps you to express your potential and to transform yourself!

Coaching is not a mentoring that tells you what to do or that motivates you to act. A good Life Coach guides you through your personal transformation to access new resources and awareness. You will therefore be the one to find your own solutions, because if you find the solutions to your problems, those are your solutions, and they are most likely the right and most effective solutions for you.

How is the professional relationship with a Life Coach?

The Life Coach is a guide that allows you to see your life, or your situation, with greater awareness and that’s what a friend can’t do. The Life Coach doesn’t have to get into sympathy with you or compassion, the Life Coach has an empathetic attitude and guides you in exploring parts of yourself that you don’t know yet.

The Caoch, thanks to some questions, allows you to increase self-awareness. It is as if you were looking at your life right now from a certain height, and therefore you have a certain vision of things, and through the Coach’s questions you begin to rise, and the vision of your reality broadens: with Life Coaching you begin to see some possibilities that were unknown to you until then. You don’t know what surprises life will give you, but thanks to Life Coaching, you will be there, ready; you will have a completely different way of thinking and you will be able to do things you never thought you could do before!

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