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Claudia Vece – 4 January 2023

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a personal growth path is?

The answer, for me, lies in developing an optimistic personality and a winning mindset, as there is nothing in the world more rewarding than taking the journey of life in the company of a fresh, joyful, and elastic mind and with a heart connected to the inner compass of emotional feeling.

If you realize that you have lost this spirit and this mindset and somehow feel the need to find yourself, then you need to find your teacher for this phase of your life, someone who knows how to accompany you through a personal transformation to find a new balance.

You will therefore have to choose a travel companion who teaches and transfers you the skills to orient yourself in the labyrinth of the inner world and that can give you the techniques and strategies to implement your personal growth path. In doing so, you will be able to take the reins of your being and consciously begin to create more value and results in your life.

In other words, you need a person who can guide you through a change and a transformation that takes place within you: this is the job of the Coach, this is my job.

Atelier Quantasia from 1 ottobre 2022

For those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself: I am Claudia Vece Mental Coach & Neuro Trainer, founder of Quantasia SA, the first Neuro Emotional Education Centre in Switzerland. I am a facilitator in mental, emotional, behavioural, and relational processes, and I help people in the processes of transformation, development and personal and professional improvement. I am the author of the book Transformation Neuro Emotional, Bruno Editore.

Our personality creates our reality!

The way you perceive the world is a consequence of educational, scholastic, cultural and social conditioningand of how you have set your mindset towards the concepts of life. Some of these parameters are certainly functional, others are probably obsolete, since they belong to past generations who lived in different contexts, and others do not favour your evolution in reference to your personal and current scale of values.

Now, whether your filters and your mechanisms are functional or not, you keep proceeding in your existence carrying them all with you like luggage! Therefore I ask you: Is it useful to carry the suffering of past situations that you cannot change? Is it useful to live with remorse, resentment, or guilt? Is it useful to react aggressively to situations and to have disempowering and sometimes petty thoughts or to live accompanied by a veil of chronic sadness and helplessness, which inevitably place you in the victim’s posture towards others?

You may not know it, but you are not your emotions, and therefore you can transform them and create a life of well-being, where the light in the eyes and in the heart can be renewed!

When you live your days in feelings of well-being, your soul is lightened, relationships become more balanced and healthier and, as if by magic, you attract circumstances and people to you that create less contradictions but rather more pleasure and serenity.

How to implement personal transformation?

It is essential to know that around the age of 35 the human being begins to stiffen and tends to continuously reproduce (as for a program) all those patterns and behaviours that have been experienced most often in life. It therefore means that, in adulthood, we tend to respond to the environment, people, circumstances and situations with automatisms: automatic reactions, pre-established emotional and behavioural responses and mechanical and less creative ways of thinking.

This means that after a certain age, it will be more challenging to change and modify those programs that make us always function and react in the same way. But, to carry out a personal transformation you only need method, discipline, and training, because to make a real change in mindset and personality, to change the way you think, feel emotions, and behave, it’s a bit like wanting to lose weight. At twenty it can take you just over three months to lose 15kg, while at forty it will probably take you more than six months.

Stefano Modenini, Director of AITI service SA

To put in place a real process of growth and improvement, you need a plan, a method, and a guide.

Neuroscience enlightened us about our functioning when they discovered that the brain changes throughout life and that we can therefore create a new version of ourselves at any moment! A person’s personality is therefore not fixed and immutable, we can all create a new self and free ourselves from internal contradictions and blocks.

Nowadays, it has been widely demonstrated that by training your mind, brain and emotions you can change your brain and then literally become “someone else”, so it’s up to you to choose the right time to do it and to look for a good teacher that can accompany you on this path of personal growth and if you are disciplined, the results will not take long to manifest in your relationships and areas of life.

Coach Claudia Vece‘s advice:

If you want to speed up in your life, then it’s time for you to slow down!

It’s only by slowing down that you can observe what is happening inside you, take the time to modify those obsolete and non-functional parameters that you no longer need today, and develop an optimistic personality that supports you in creating the life you desire.

Remember that it is you who has the responsibility to train yourself to acquire those tools and strategies that allow you to co-create with a conscientious mind and with an emotional world that oscillates in the frequencies of well-being. In addition, remember that it is always better not to delegate your thoughts and emotions outside of you, otherwise your environment will be programming them for you, through your relationships, television, media, and social media.

If you would like a free meeting with me, do not hesitate to send me a message and I will be happy to analyse, to understand your situation and to create a plan for your personal growth with the help of Neuro Emotional Education.

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